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Posted July 17, 2019 by Andy in E-business & E-marketing
Hello everybody, i am Andy and now we shall be discussing a fairly new product in the market. The product which I am referring to is K Optimizer for KDP Publishing by . Whilst the product is pretty new in the market, it has created a lot of buzz. As it is common with all products there is a good deal of positive as well as unfavorable feedback. So, is K Optimizer for KDP Publishing a real ‘Value for Money’ product? Without further ado let’s have a look…

At APTN productions we take great pride in creating unprejudiced evaluations based upon third-party info analysis and the remarks of our users. However, we’ll also embed special “affiliate” links where appropriate into the product reviews. These types of links let a vendor know that we have sent a customer. If that customer buys, we receive a commission payment. I have designated every one of these affiliate links in this particular evaluation with the following icon: I have additionally included a standard, non-affiliate hyperlink. There is no distinction in price (or anything) to you depending on which you use. Nevertheless, if you decide to utilize standard hyperlink we’re not able to give you a purchase bonus.

Where to Buy

This is an electronic product, so it’s not available through regular outlets. You need to go directly to the K Optimizer for KDP Publishing website (simply click here:koptimizer.com). Usually you’ll have to look through their sales page, and it may be tricky to find the “Buy It Now” hyperlink. To buy without making use of an affiliate hyperlink clear your internet cookies then click this link: http://www.koptimizer.com.

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The K Optimizer for KDP Publishing Homepage

Additional Products

I’ve hunted high and low and produced a list of all the other products this supplier is selling, and also any specials they have on at the moment. Let’s take a look… So, it seems K Optimizer for KDP Publishing has 2 special product(s) on sale.

K Optimizer 2.0: Promote, Track & Optimize Your Kindle Books – $19.97

Kindle Optimizer: Recurring Lifetime Commissions, 3 Kindle Upsells! product box

Kindle Optimizer: Recurring Lifetime Commissions, 3 Kindle Upsells! – $33.6

Kindle Optimizer: Recurring Lifetime Commissions, 3 Kindle Upsells! product box

And what about any other products?

KOptimizer for KDP Publishing – $33.6

Kindle Optimizer: Recurring Lifetime Commissions, 3 Kindle Upsells! product box

It’s time for yet another great aptnproductions.com review. The site is mostly about helping you to make an excellent choice when purchasing something. I make…

So now it’s onto those interesting stats. You should have a complete read on this webpage to find out just how we produce those figures. At the end, two indicators remain – customer approval and sales rank.

To begin with, we look at Customer Approval. Ok, I’ve taken out the calculator and the finalized customer approval ranking for K Optimizer for KDP Publishing is 56.4/100. That indicates this is above average – great! – yet another aptnproductions.com seal of approval

OK, so now, we examine the sales rank. This simply means – how well is this product selling? It isn’t surprising that a product that’s selling well is a good quality one. In this case we’ve got a sales score of 81.96, which is definitely a normal score and means even though the product is selling well, it’s not quite gotten to the summit of the sales rankings.

At last we’ve gotten to the end of the review! It has taken some time yet by now you’ll have a good idea of exactly…

OK, what else can I tell you? Well, why don’t we have a look at the domain that this product is bought from (koptimizer.com)? There are a few stats available that will provide us witha better idea about how reliable the product is. Firstly, we know the site has 7 pages – the idea is that the more pages it has, the older and more reliable it is. So, in this case, 7 is definitely not that and could mean this site is new. But, naturally, you can’t just judge a website by the number of pages it has. They could all be junk! Instead, let’s learn something from Google’s book and take a look at the amount of other sites that are backlinking in to this one. Lots of links from quality websites signifies that this one is sure to be quality too. So koptimizer.com has 0 backlinks with an authority score of 1/100, which means it hasn’t gained much approval from other sites yet (and therefore not from me either).

So, we have reached the last part of the review and it’s the moment to calculate all the advantages and disadvantages and provide you with the final verdict. This “editor’s” score takes into account the satisfaction rating, the frenzy score, and I will revise it depending on the thoughts and opinions of users on this site. It also considers the trust I place in the product’s website and author. Therefore, my final score is 62.76%. An average of the 3 totals an overall score of 62.76%.

It’s a rating that is undeniably above average and I’d personally say you can proceed with your purchase without having a lot of anxieties.

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